May 18, 2024

Tekashi69’s New Video, “GINÉ” Trolls Lil Dirk & King Von –


Originally, we wrote about the 5 Key Moments of Tekashi69‘s video GINÉ. Upon watching the video several more times, we noticed one keyframe in the video that proves 6ix9ine is a master troll. In order to understand what we found, you need to know a few key things.

Tekashi69 x King Von / Lil Durk Dis


King Von is a rapper from Chicago, Illinois on Lil Dirk‘s label that was murdered in Atlanta, Georgia. After Von was murdered, Lil Durk did not retaliate. Two years later, in his first video in 2 years, Tekashi sends a “flashy” subliminal message in his video to Lil Durk. The colorful rapper requests that Dirk avenge Von’s death. You can see it for yourself around the 1:25 mark in the video.

For Tekashi69’s first video in 2 years, it’s not bad but it’s not great either.   Should fans have expected better after his long time-out?

Nevertheless, we took some time out of our day to show you 5 Key Moments Of Tekashi69’s new video “GINÉ”.

1. Shameless Plug

First, we see an advertisement for GINE. It appears to be a natural energy drink that comes in multiple flavors.

2. Wheel Of Fortune

Tekashi is shown to be sporting a medallion that looks similar to the Wheel Of Fortune wheel. Odd that he would wear that considering he’s broke.


3. Game Of Death

Tekashi is wearing an outfit similar to Bruce Lee’s outfit in The Game Of Death except his fit has a black skeleton on the front.

4. Trash Models

These models were so boring flopping around in the water and flapping their butt cheeks.  It might have helped if they drank some GINE before the director said action.


5. Drumline

Not sure why 6ix9ine needed drummers if they weren’t going to drum on time. If you watch the video closely, you’ll see that they aren’t in sync with the song.


Sadly, compared to his early videos, this falls short. The song is lackluster and it makes you question if 6ix9ine still has it.

69’s visuals have always been bright and fun. This video just seemed rushed. See for yourself.

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