March 5, 2024

Ashley Darby Separates From Michael Darby


A Real Housewife of Potomac is on her way to becoming a single woman.


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Ashley Darby has filed for legal separation from her husband Michael Darby as reported by LoveBScott. A source close to the couple told the outlet that Ashley filed for legal separation in Virginia as a precursor to divorce.

In the state of Virginia, it is required that you live apart from your spouse for at least a year before you can file for uncontested divorce, reports LoveBScott.

The news comes as filming continues for season 7 and reportedly, the separation will be documented on camera.

#RHOP YouTuber Kempire first broke the news of Ashley filing for separation citing multiple Bravo sources.

Prior to this news, Ashley made headlines when she announced on #RHOP that she wanted to sign a post-nuptial agreement to protect her livelihood should her marriage end.

“An idea that I did have and that I wanted to see how you felt about was doing a post-nuptial agreement,” Ashley told Michael on camera following an incident when her husband said he “did something he regrets” and was photographed in a hotel room with another woman.

“Something that would be protecting Dean and me in the event that this happens again.”

Ashley also added in a confessional that she and her husband had a prenup that expired and this postnup will protect her if they split and ensure she receives 50% of their assets.

“Now, in the event of a divorce, I will receive 50 percent of our assets. And now, I think it would be good for us to have a postnuptial agreement because [a] postnup would outline things that [I] would be guaranteed to get—no arguing, no disputing—and essentially would speed up the process in the event of a divorce.”



She later discussed it further on Watch What Happens Live. 


Michael Darby’s Alleged Transgressions

In addition to Michael being tied up in that alleged cheating scandal, he’s been repeatedly accused of inappropriate behavior. He was criminally charged with sexual assault for allegedly grabbing the butt of a male #RHOP cameraman but was exonerated. Following that, Ashley’s castmates accused the alleged glute grabber of groping RHOP producers, and Michael was also accused of grabbing the glutes of Bravo boss Andy Cohen.

Ashley and Michael have two kids together, 2-year-old Dean and 1-year-old Dylan.

Fans React To The Ashely Darby News

While we wait to see if the separation plays out on #RHOP, Ashley is currently trending as fans REJOICE at the mom’s big news.


Ashley has not confirmed nor denied the report but she recently posted that she’s getting ready for a “hot mom summer.”

She hasn’t posted Michael on social media since January.

What do YOU think about Ashley Darby filing for separation?



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