September 30, 2023

Oshaythevillain Better Left Unsaid (Official Music Video)


Although he’s always wanted his music to touch his fan base, Oshay had to mature a bit more before getting his shot.


Hailing from The Bronx, NYC via Harlem is 24 year old Oshay The Villain! Born Michael Olorun Segun Faloye (meaning ‘GOD’s gift, GOD’s victory from the shifting Oracle’), Oshay has been doing his own thing as an artist for the last 5 years, honing his craft. This young artist has a series of projects that include his upcoming EP, “B2 (Side A)” which will provide the listener an inside look into the mind of the meticulous & inventive Oshay. Listening to him, it’s obvious that he has musical roots that inspire his journey. His mother used to sing in Church and his father is the Harlem Hip Hop artist known as Ilacoin who has worked alongside some of Hip Hop’s biggest icons. It feels like his music has matured since 2018.

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It has a different spin on it. As the leader of Apexhustler Media, he is on his way to be considered as one of the greats! His unorthodox style sets him at the epicenter of what is happening at the forefront of Hip Hop & Music today. His current themes are refreshing as they are more about love, life and ambition, rather than just the drugs, sex and Rock n Roll inundating the airwaves. Oshay can touch any topic and also produces the majority of his work. He has a crew of young producers, engineers, videographers and artists that move as a unit and are changing the game! 

Although he’s always wanted his music to touch his fan base, Oshay had to mature a bit more before getting his shot. As the years have gone by his mindset has changed. The single, “Pardon Me” off his first project, Battleborn (2018) was meant to be his breakout hit but when it missed the charts and radio he kept working and evolving as an all around artist. 

He doesn’t have only one sound. His music channels many genres and walks of life for him to be so young. Now, he is about to release the beginnings of his tidal wave of music! His single, “Better Left Unsaid” has been premiered by DJ Drewski on Hot 97 and promises for the next level of his musicianship. Keep and eye and an ear out for this one! He’s here to stay! 

“Better Left Unsaid” drops on all major platforms on April 21st, 2022. “B2 (Side A)” follows soon after! Follow Oshay on Social Media to stay updated on his shows, events and releases! Contact: (718) 552-7374, Email:

        You can subscribe to Oshay the Villain on Youtube, @oshaythevillian on Twitter, and @ToptierOshay on Instagram. Stay tuned for much more from this rising star! He is about to have Tik Tok on tilt with new dance crazes and prizes that will make his songs go viral. This is only the first of many encounters and affiliations between Oshay The Villain and Code31 to come. It was a pleasure. 

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