June 16, 2024

Did Drake get Pusha T banned from Canada?


There was some thing that I remember very clearly. When Meek Mill and Drake were duking it out lyrically, there was a moment where a political figure jumped into the fray. I’m not about to look him up right now, but he was extremely passionate about the fact that somebody was stepping up to their golden child Drake. He trolled and mocked Meek Mill. He took sides!

Pusha T is not Meek….

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I think that Drake is the greatest export from Canada since Wayne Gretzky. And, with that in mind, he has power. In the latest interview with drink champs, Pusha T says that he is banned from Canada. Initially, seem like there was some drug conspiracy or a clandestine banning that involved the streets. 

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But, in the interview with NORE it didn’t make sense. He didn’t have any details and he said it was his manager that told him. It didn’t make sense. Later, there was reference to a November 2018 concert in Toronto that was eventually shut down because of a fight.


Sounds fishy! Drake…may have had something to do with this!

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Well, the internets are going to do exactly what they do. And what they did is they brought up the rampant conspiracy that Drake made it an issue for Pusha T. They say it has Drake’s name written all over it! NORE made the reference as well, but Push did not go further. “That’s playing a different game where you get a n###a banned from the country. That’s a little different on your pettiness,” NORE said during the Drink Champs episode.

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