June 16, 2024

CyHi Drops “Tears” Featuring Jacquees To Help Atlanta Heal


The Atlanta Hip Hop scene suffered a major blow this week when local police arrested YSL representatives Young Thug and Gunna on RICO charges. CyHi (formerly CyHi The Prynce) wants to help uplift his hometown through music.

On Friday, CyHi released his new single “Tears” featuring fellow Atlanta-based artist Jacquees. The Stone Mountain-bred emcee and the Decatur-bred R&B singer teamed up for the 6-minute track.

“I feel like Atlanta needs some healing right now,” explains CyHi on why he decided to release “Tears” at this moment in time. The song is the lead single for the upcoming The Story Of E.G.O.T. project.


In addition, CyHi will release a 4-pack of songs called E.G.O.T.: The EP on May 20. The E.G.O.T. titles are an extension of the lyricist’s new E.G.O.T. Records label. The acronym also represents the prestigious honor of an entertainer winning an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony award during his or her career.

“I’m way more diverse than just a writer and rapper,” states CyHi. “I wanted to be able to fully spread my wings and showcase all my talents in one project. I believe this project is E.G.O.T. worthy. Its creativity, emotion, and star-studded lineup is unmatched.” 

Previously, CyHi released the well-received No Dope on Sundays in 2017. His catalog also contains 2014’s Black Hystori Project mixtape and 2015’s Black Hystori Project 2: N.A.A.C.P. mixtape. CyHi is also known for co-writing songs for Kanye West and Travis Scott.


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