May 18, 2024

Bronny James Riles Up The Internet With His White Prom Date


All grown up

Bronny James’s White Prom Date Sparks Social Media Hysteria

The internet is ablaze over LeBron James’s 17-year-old son Bronny James taking a white date to prom in the latest example of celebrity kids being unfairly judged by grown adults on social media.

The star guard looked dapper in photos posted by his mother Savannah James who was admittedly emotional over the special moment.

“Sooooo @bronny went to prom this past weekend….. Tons of emotions and realizations,” she wrote on Instagram. “Time really flies. So proud of you young man!! I will always have your front and your back!!💕 Zhuri is processing all of this too!! 😂😂 (Last slide).”

In the last slide, 7-year-old Zhuri looks like she knows something we don’t know (yet) in a photo of her brother posing with his prom date.

“Zhuri ain’t fkn around! She don’t play about her brothers!!” James wrote in the comments which included encouraging messages from family friends, La La Anthony and Adrienne Bosh.

Bronny is currently in his junior year at Sierra Canyon where he continues to elevate his game as a Top 100 college prospect as of this past April.

Bronny Faces Fake Stories & Hatred On The Internet

With the NBA Draft in his future, it’s no surprise that he’s been targeted by a growing legion of haters on social media.

You may recall Savannah firing warning shots at bloggers who put her son Bronny in the middle of their clickbait titles and stories.

Back in December, Bronny trended after a few blogs claimed Savannah and LeBron James’ son,  Bronny, had been in Larsa Pippen’s DMs.

All of this stemmed from the fact he liked one of her pictures on Instagram with no other evidence to support these rumors.

As expected, Savannah addressed the rumors and made it clear that Bronny is a minor who should be left alone.

How do you feel about Bronny having a white prom date? Tell us down below and peep the Twitter hysteria on the flip.

“bronny james goes to a high school that costs like $40,000 a year and is in a predominantly white city idk what y’all expected 💀” – well, there’s that

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