February 21, 2024

Music is Like a Refuge; It Frees You from Pain – ‘Empire of Fame’ Hitmaker King Gian Nezi


Over the years, as humanity has come to see itself as a thinking and feeling collective, it has, in some sense, obtained a certain level of sophistication. At first, it might not seem evident with wars, poverty, corruption, and greed gaining center stage in most of what we consume via mass media. But all it takes is a moment of silence to see how far we’ve come from where we started. Music, for instance, is an example of our growth and maturity as a race. Music is like a refuge for musician King Gian Nezi of the ‘Empire of Fame’ song fame that we’ve co-created for our broken hearts.

Music has been with us for a very long time. From simple wood and reed instruments have come far more sophisticated instruments and ways of creating new sounds. Music, as a collective, has grown by leaps and bounds. For King Gian Nezi, one of the primary reasons for this is its ability to alleviate pain. He says, “When I was young, I felt misunderstood, confused, and angry. But I also felt love, passion, and beauty. For the world, I was a kid going through childish emotions.

The music I carried with me helped me express myself to others and, in turn, understand their perspectives. And this feeling of not being lonely and not being mistaken for being childish when you are genuinely confused opened up my heart and lifted my spirits. It helped me understand and deal with the pain that often comes from not being taken seriously. Music helped me grow and slowly come into my own. I owe that sense of growing up to music.”

His personal sense of confusion and lack of direction drove King Gian Nezi to find reconciliatory paths in music. So much so that now he hopes to be that clarion call for young people through the music he makes. King Gian Nezi adds, “I want my music to carry notes of freedom, hope for the future. I want to create music that helps youngsters find themselves.”

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