April 25, 2024

Colin Kaepernick works out for the Las Vegas Raiders


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Colin Kaepernick was blackballed from the NFL after taking a knee to bring awareness to the cause of police brutality. White people were incensed that a Black man would dare challenge AmeriKKKa on its promise to treat people equally under the law. The vitriol was palpable and taking a knee became one of the most divisive behaviors that one could perform publicly. Since then, Kaep has settled a lawsuit with the league that paid him an unknown but more-than-likely-extravagant amount of money. It has been six years since the former 49er’s QB1 put on pads and most people suspected that he would never play in the NFL ever again…

Colin Kaepernick Works Out For Las Vegas Raiders

According to reporting from ESPN, Colin Kaepernick had an official workout with the Las Vegas Raiders and it appears that there may be some light at the end of the turbulent tunnel.

For those who are unaware of the context of this opportunity, allow us to explain. Raiders owner Mark Davis is the son of legendary Raiders owner Al Davis. The elder has long been respected for giving players and executives opportunities when the rest of the league would not. Specifically, Al Davis was the first NFL owner to draft a Black head coach in Art Shell, he hired the first woman chief executive in Amy Trask, and draft the first Black quarterback in Eldridge Dickey. Fairness and inclusiveness has been part of the Raiders DNA for decades now and we’re glad to see it continue via this line-breaking workout.

We want to stress that this does NOT mean that the Raiders have guaranteed Kaep anything. However, considering the charade that the league has been putting on for the past few years, this is the first legitimate shot that #7 has gotten to get back to the game he loves.

We’ll be watching.

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