June 23, 2024

Community Responds To Grand Master Jay Conviction 


When Grandmaster Jay formed the NFAC, his loyal following convened in the name of justice for victims of police brutality, racism and domestic terror. Now, they mobilize around him in an effort to raise awareness about his latest legal plight: conviction. 

Sentencing in August could result in 20 or more years in prison for the leader of the Black militia.

John Fitzgerald Johnson, Grandmaster Jay’s government name, was found guilty of one account of assaulting and impeding officers and another count of brandishing a firearm in relation to a crime of violence.

Now, the community at large has responded to his conviction with an overwhelmingly positive, supportive retort. 

The instagram account @black_self_defense_coalition posted an image that garnered considerable feedback, much of which was sorrow. 

“Sending prayers and love ❤️”

“I am so heartbroken for this. I am soooooooo heartbroken 💔.”

“This makes me sad. Our brother doesn’t deserve this treatment!!!”

“Praying for this beloved, King! 🙏”

Others, like Eleanor Harvey, sprung into action to create motion to support GMJ. Harvey has been actively raising funds for legal defense.

She posted the following information, which was reposted by Dr. Umar Johnson and others. 

Everybody was not lending their support of the NFAC leader.

Tarik Ross, a community activist that once worked with Snoop Dogg, took a strong position over social media.

“Dummy. He shoulda stayed a DJ. Guns went off in Ky. Coulda got someone killed. Fake Militant. Fake Woke. Dont even know the Law,” he said under an AllHipHop social media post.”

Eleanor Harvey also had words for those that criticize GMJ him, even suggesting he worked on behalf of the government to incriminate other Black people.

“There’s no more calling him an agent, because the feds do not convict their own,” she told AllHipHop.

Most of the feedback cited hypocrisy over gun law standards along racial lines, the contrast with police killings of unarmed Black people and even Cointelpro.  Cointelpro was a clandestine and mostly illegal program by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation the stalked, harassed, infiltrated, discredited and employed other gross abuses of power. At times, it lead to murder and death.

According to the FBI, the program formally ended in 1971.

Harvey and others feel this present persecution is an extension of the old tactics or actually Cointelpro. However, she told AllHipHop that GMJ is prepared to defend himself.

“He is standing strong and encouraged. He is prepared for the fight ahead,” Harvey said. “But he needs our help to sustain him.”

She specifically requested that we share the details of his incarceration for people to write him, give funds for commissary and also give to his legal defense fund.

The information is below.

He is currently being held until
August 22nd,2022, at
The Oldham County Jail located at
3405 KY-146, La Grange, KY 40031
Send Your Letters of
Encouragement and Black Power!

To Donate towards his commissary
daily needs please call:

To Donate Money for his ability to
place phone calls to his attorneys
and loved ones please call:

Continue To Support The GoFundMe
Grand Master Jay
Dual Legal Defense Fund:

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