February 21, 2024

Guy Schmidt Releases Nostalgic Single “Lone Wolf”


Following the recent success of Midnight Sun fans of artist and producer Guy Schmidt waited with bated breath anticipating the young hip hop talent’s next move. This month our king finally returns with “Lone Wolf”, trading “Whisper’s” nostalgic and off-kilter energy for something more brooding and pensive. Though his aural register may have changed this time around, disillusionment and paranoia continue to haunt Schmidt on his latest offering.

Synthesizing a jazzy and poetic flow with his own signature brand of lo-fi – Guy Schmidt sounds like the immaculate lovechild between Topaz Jones and BLK ODYSSY. Though perhaps it’s not as optimistic as the other tracks that might decorate your summer rotation, “Lone Wolf” is still a laid-back and meditative banger perfect for afternoons by the pool and midnight drives alike. With more music and visuals likely slated for the remainder of 2022 – Guy Schmidt is an artist that needs to be on your radar this year.

Musically, Guy Schmidt strives to be a forward-thinking artist who never compromises his values. He’s always paid homage to his roots, and it’s one of the main reasons for his influence’s success. Fans want to connect with musicians outside of their music and Schmidt does an exceptional job at making sure he wears his heart on his sleeve. Labels pump out artists on a monthly basis, so creatives must pay particular attention to their songs’ structure to stay nuanced and visible in a fast-paced music market.

Even though 2022 knocked many off their feet, Guy Schmidt has kept an upbeat approach from the start. This season, he honed his skills to add to his ever-growing 2022 collection. Guy Schmidt is undeniably a game-changer, a surefire talent who is quickly gaining acclaim.

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