February 21, 2024

Skinnyfromthe9 Punches Fan for Asking Him About Snitching


Skinnyfromthe9 was caught on video punching a fan after he was asked about snitching.

In a video that surfaced via social media on Sunday (May 29), a bespectacled fan, who goes by @yoitsdrewskii on Instagram, spotted Skinnyfromthe9 at an amusement park area and greeted him. The Florida rapper then asked the fan if he wanted to take a picture and proceeded to get ready for a quick snap. That’s when the fan asked Skinny a bizarre question. “When did you snitch on someone?” he asked.

Without hesitation, Skinnyfromthe9 threw a quick punch right in the young man’s face and almost knocked his eyeglasses off. The fan was dazed by the punch and for a brief moment seemed to enjoy it. “He fucking punched me,” he told a friend as he laughed it off.

But that’s not all. Later, the fan decided to DM Skinnyfromthe9 on Instagram and appear to be extorting him for money. In screenshots captured by a blog, the fan is seemingly taunting the 26-year-old rapper with threats to go to the police.

“Yo Skinny, Realizing u threw the first punch and everything my guy I can really make a bag off u,” he wrote. “Not gonna be going to [the] law if u pay a lil price[.] Talk to me, bro. Yk u don’t want cops involved ur career and buzz ain’t the same as it was that money is super tighter than it was we can negotiate fr.”

The fan continued to ask Skinnyfromthe9 for money and threatened to go to the police if he didn’t get any money.

There’s no word on if Skinny responded to the fan. In any case, this incident took a strange turn. You can see the punch video and alleged DMs below.

Skinnyfromthe9 is usually cordial with his fans and, ironically, likes to ask them random questions. Check out his beach vlog below.

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