December 2, 2023

Donald Glover “Holds All the Cards” For a ‘Lando’ Disney+ Series


Photo Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy recently spoke about the potential of Donald Glover starring as Lando in a Disney+ Star Wars spinoff.

After making his debut as Lando Calrissian in 2018 Solo: A Star Wars Story, Donald Glover could be returning to the Star Wars universe, this time on Disney+. Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy recently spoke with CinemaBlend about creating a series that centered Lando, explaining that Glover “holds all the cards” to the project coming into fruition.

You need to ask Donald. He’s the one that holds all the cards here. But there’s no movement. I will say that honestly. But it’s not for lack of trying,” Kennedy said. “It’s just that he’s a very busy guy. … He’s got another series, and I think one other thing, and then he’ll come our way. So patiently waiting.”

Fresh off the season three finale of Atlanta, Glover is working on upcoming Prime Video series Mr. & Mrs Smith alongside Maya Erskine. Last year, Glover signed an eight-figure deal with Amazon, working on a potential series titled Hive, which boasts Malia Obama as one of the series’ writers. Earlier this year, the actor-singer revealed in his bizzare Interview Magazine self-interview that he’s working on a “secret project” which will reportedly star Chloe Bailey, Damson Idris and Dominique Fishback. Before the end of 2022, Atlanta will conclude with a fourth and final season.

Despite Glover’s hectic schedule, at Lucasfilm, there’s still hope for a Lando series to see the light of day.

“I never say never [about recasting]. It’s certainly not something that we’re doing with any intention right now,” Kennedy added. “We’re still talking about Lando with Donald Glover, for instance, but I don’t think we would intentionally just look back at some of the characters like Luke and Leia and whatnot and decide arbitrarily to do a story. There would have to be a really strong reason why.”


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