February 21, 2024

There is Now a Heardle For Fans of Old-School Hip-Hop & R&B


Ya Heardle

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In the vein of Heardle and Wordle, on ‘Ya Heardle!’ players can guess R&B and hip-hop songs from the ’90s in as few tries as possible.

Move over Heardle, there’s a new online game for music enthusiasts. Earlier this month, Ya Heardle was created as a new daily game where ’90s R&B and hip-hop fans can guess throwback songs in as few tries as possible. From the mind of creator Sean Campbell he says that the game was made in a short time after getting instructions from Reddit.

“It took me about a week or so working on it after my kids went to bed. I enjoy playing Wordle and all the offshoots like Heardle.  I went on the Heardle Reddit page and someone linked to instructions to make your own version on Glitch. I built mine off Zayn Heardle because the instructions were easy to follow,” Campbell said.

Admittedly having no background in tech, Campbell, aka Melanism — he is a member of the Okayplayer boards — sought to have Ya Heardle! appeal towards music fans who listen to genres outside of rock and pop.

“I play Heardle every day but I wanted a version for songs that were probably never going to make their database and would appeal to someone who grew up watching Yo! MTV Raps or listening to Black radio in the 90s,” he said. “I was going to do only hip-hop but mixing it with R&B gives me more songs to work with and makes it a little harder.”

With Campbell up for the challenge of making another daily music game in the future, songs from Ya Heardle! have included “My Boo” from Ghost Town DJs, “Faded Pictures” by Case and Joe and more.

Play Ya Heardle! here.

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