March 5, 2024

Jaylen Brown On His “Beautiful Collaboration” With Kanye West’s Donda Sports 


Jaylen Brown has spoken about his “beautiful collaboration” with Kanye West’s sporting venture, Donda Sports.  

It’s been a busy week for Donda Sports after first signing Rams Super Bowl champ Aaron Donald before news emerged of their first NBA recruit Jaylen Brown.  

The Boston Celtics star spoke about the new deal during a press conference ahead of Thursday’s Game 1 of the NBA Finals. Check out the video below.

“It was time. For me, like I said, anytime I make a life decision, I contemplate. I think about things deeply,” Jaylen Brown explained. “And from what I want to do, the missions I want to get accomplished, it was the right decision.” 

Aaron Donald teased a possible Yeezy cleat collaboration after linking with Donda Sports, while Brown recently became a shoe-deal free agent after his long-term deal expired with Adidas. He stated that he would prefer his future deal to include investment in the social justice causes he supports. 

According to ESPN, Jaylen Brown and Kanye West have known each other for some time but only formalized the partnership recently. He says he’s not fazed by the controversy that surrounds Ye. 

“People have concerns or critiques, etc., but in the world we live in, there’s concerns and critiques in any and everything,” Brown said. “I feel like this is a good moment for me in my particular life. I’m excited to build and create and do things that I’ve always imagined I wanted to do on the court and off.” 


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