Yesterday (June 4), Boosie took to Instagram to air out a girl who allegedly lied about having a baby by his son, Tootie Raw. For the entire day, the Louisiana rapper exposed the young teen, whose name is Ramya, and her family for attempting to trap his child– and he’s still going.

The 39-year-old alleged that the teen brought somebody else’s child to his son’s graduation and acted as if he was theirs. Once things started making sense to the artist, he excitedly hopped on IG with a message. “Just found out that ain’t my son baby, haha! I’m not a grandpa,” he shouted into his phone camera.

Following his rant, Boosie, whose real name is Torrence Hatch Jr., provided plenty of receipts to prove that his son is not the father. He started by addressing the baby’s weight, saying, “Plus he was too [damn] heavy, both of them skinny.” After this, he began sharing messages with the woman who claimed to be the baby’s actual mother.

From there, the “Nasty Nasty” rapper disproved everything that Ramya was saying. She posted DNA test results– which Boosie was able to find online with the same exact number sequences. She shared an image of a set of twins dressed as Max & Ruby for Halloween– Boosie found the matching image in an online article. 

Boosie also noted that he had never seen the girl pregnant, and alleged that she was wearing a fake belly bump the entire time. He took to Twitter to address the situation, saying, “Still waitin on your pregnant pics boo boo with that baby n your stomach?” 

Check out his posts below.