Yesterday (June 4), rapper Slim Jxmmi and the mother of his child got into a heated argument on social media.

His BM, Kiara, took to IG and aired out their personal issues, claiming that the artist has been both physically and verbally abusive towards her. She came with both images and videos to back up her allegations against the Rae Sremmurd member, stating, “He physically assaulted me while pregnant… he’s [broken] my phones in front of his team, screamed at me and pushed me around in front of them.”

Nonetheless, Slim, whose real name is Aaquil Iben Shamon Brown, came back with receipts of his own. He uploaded screenshots of Kiara stating that she would cause harm to their child, along with video evidence of police officers taking their son away from her. The “Black Beatles” artist wrote, “Mothers only lose the baby when they are a danger to the child.”

After everything boiled down and they deleted their posts, the two parents issued a statement filled with high hopes. Both of them posted similar messages on their Instagram stories, starting with, “After everything that has transpired and went public out of anger, we have both decided that we’re going to get family therapy for the sake of our son.”

Further into their post, they gave each other props, Kiara said, “Jxmmi is not a horrible person,” and Slim added, “Kiara’s a great mother and has never caused any harm to Aaquil.” The two said that they’re both simply “broken” and “need healing.”

Read their full statements below.