December 7, 2023

Adrien Broner Has A Message For Fake Fans


Adrien Broner has been through a lot in his boxing career. From disappointing championship matches to arrests, there are a lot of reasons to think Broner won’t be able to ever become a champion again. Fortunately for Broner, things are starting to look a lot better for the boxing star. For instance, he won a fight last year and in July of 2022, he is going to take on Omar Figueroa. 

Recently, Broner took to his Instagram account where he professed that he has been working extremely hard in the ring. He is committed to being a top-tier boxer again and in his eyes, there is no doubt that he can become a champion again. In fact, he is even taking shots at his fake fans, noting that they will see just how good he is once he puts a belt back on his body.

Adrien Broner

Christian Petersen/Getty Images
Per Broner:
“I’ve been working my ass off and I see a lot of people left me and think I won’t be champion again I’ve been in camp for 2 and a half months training by myself working my ass off alone when usually it’s 15-20 plus people on the side of me while I’m training no matter if they holding water or Powerade for me or holding the bag while I working out or they just there encouraging me to push myself now it’s just me @coachmikestafford and @vithecutman and I wanna keep it this way ain’t no hard feelings to nobody but just keep the same energy when I’m back CHAMPION!!!!!!! Some of the closest people switched up on me and I’m fine with they decision cause I know I’m a hustla I started this Shit alone and I’m go finish this shit alone.”

It remains to be seen how this comeback will go for Broner, however, if there is one thing for sure, it’s that he is going to bring the entertainment factor.

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