June 21, 2024

Al B. Sure! Hospitalized For Surgery in Mount Vernon


Al. r Sure

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In new Instagram posts, vocalist Al B. Sure! revealed that he is currently in the hospital for recovery following a surgery in Mount Vernon.

New Jack Swing legend Al B. Sure! is taking the time to recover following surgery, although he hasn’t disclosed what the surgery is for. Last week, beginning Wednesday (June 1), the 53-year-old vocalist shared a series of posts on Instagram both before and after undergoing surgery.

“#albeez around the world. Just getting it right. Love & Light! #AllPraiseisDuetoAllah,” Al B. Sure!, whose legal name is Albert Joseph Brown III, wrote in the first post.

Subsequent posts came from his team, who forewarned fans that the vocalist was headed into surgery.

“The #HealthandWellnes journey is almost complete and back #InEffectMode! Note, Al B! says please forgive the graphic nature of the image(s) for those with weak stomachs,” another post read. “His #TrueOnes #Family and #LoveOnes requested that we keep them abreast of his progress, so that we are doing with pleasure. He will share more with you directly from the horses mouth when he’s able to do so! #HellBeRightBack BETTER THAN EVER and ready to fight @celebrityboxing1 #InRecovery.”

Following surgery, on Thursday (June 2), Brown III assured fans that he had successfully made it through surgery.

“I’m elated knowing who reached out and who couldn’t be bothered. My team is on top of it. You are forgiven but now you are forgotten. Love & Light #AlBSure #HarlemAmerican but #MtVernon4Life #AllPraiseisDuetoAllah.”

In March, Brown III participated in a celebrity boxing match against actor and heavyweight fighter Hazel Roche. The singer’s last album Honey, I’m Home released in 2009 and since then he’s hosted radio show Love and R&B with Al B. Sure!

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