D. L. Hughley continued his war of words with Mo’Nique on Instagram, Tuesday, by calling her out for bringing his children into their back and forth. Hughley says that this was the final straw and that “it ends today.”

“The final straw and the last breath I’ll waste on a monster so HEINOUS, they would try to open a wound and weaponize a young woman’s past personal trauma,” Hughly captioned his post. “That young woman happens to be my daughter and it ends today.”

D.L. Hughley, Mo'Nique
Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

In a video included in the post, Hughley goes deeper on the issue, calling Mo’Nique’s actions “unconscionable.”

He also says that Mo’Nique asked to come on his show, to which he says, “You will never come on my show, never. You will never talk to my children. I will never have anything to do with you. You do not exist.”

Jamie Fox shared his support for Hughley in the comments section writing, “Love u bro.”

“I find it funny that DL will call out… myself, etc. but he won’t call out the name of the person that violated his daughter,” Mo’Nique had said in a recent Instagram post.

The beef between Hughley and Mo’Nique began last month when the two had a dispute over who was supposed to headline at The Comedy Explosion in Detroit, Michigan where they both performed. After feeling like she got bumped down the order, Mo’Nique spent her set slamming Hughley for allegedly breaking the contract by being the last comedian to take the stage.

Check out Hughley’s full comments below.