Be prepared to see much more of Fat Joe now that he has landed a series on Starz. The Rap icon has been making big leaps in the talk show game as he has hosted his own Instagram series where he speaks with entertainers and public figures, but now The Fat Joe Show has found itself a new home. In the meantime, Fat Joe remains on Instagram Live discussing all things pop culture, including J. Cole continuing his sports career with the Canadian Elite Basketball League.

The Dreamville hitmaker’s hoop dreams have been a long time coming and in recent years, Cole has been doing what many rappers only wish they could and that’s going professional. These days, Cole is playing for the Scarborough Shooting Stars, and it was reportedly Drake who helped him land the gig. 

Drake pulls up on J. Cole at his basketball game. That is very [supportive]. Drake is supportive,” said Joe. It sounds as if Joe wasn’t aware of the connection. “I bet J. cole ain’t even know!… Now, is J. Cole really good? They say he’s nice? Are you sure they say he’s nice?… Because this is a classic story of…” Someone off-camera interrupted to add, “This ain’t Master P at the Rucker!”

Joe replied that he hoped it wasn’t because “Master P ain’t score one point at the Rucker. Master P keeps showing off videos of him going to the league. That, uh, really, really—I respect Master P to the highest level—that’s not truth… He came to the Rucker, stunk it up, didn’t score one point. I don’t know how he’s going to the league back in the day.”

Cole recently made his CEBL debut and later, Drake made an appearance courtside wearing his jersey. Will rappers moving to professional sports be the new wave? Sports players have been dropping albums so it seems plausible. Check out Fat Joe below.