When it comes to sharing tales of Hollywood moments, Jamie Foxx is one of the best storytellers. The multi-hyphenate entertainer has been involved in all aspects of the industry, from winning Academy Awards to topping the charts to starring in his own hit television series. With such a diverse portfolio, Foxx has met people from all backgrounds and his interactions have made for hilarious accounts of his experiences.

There’s a new platform on deck as Tank and J. Valentine have launched the R&B Money Podcast courtesy of iHeartMedia and Charlamagne Tha God’s Black Effect Podcast Network. Foxx stopped by to help introduce the new series where he recalled a time when a “very prominent actress” was on drugs and mistook him for an NBA icon.

Jamie Foxx
Alberto E. Rodriguez / Stringer / Getty Images

“I ain’t saying no names, but I was in a hotel room with a very prominent actress and she was doing cocaine. I wasn’t! I wasn’t! I was not doing it! I don’t do that because of my religious beliefs,” Foxx said as he, Tank, and Valentine couldn’t stop laughing. “She does the cocaine, she says ‘I’m a bad mother,’ and then she goes, ‘Wow, I didn’t think I would be in this room doing cocaine with Rick Fox.'”

“She thought I was Rick Fox the whole f*cking night, bro. She thought I was Rick Fox I was like, ‘I’m not light-skinned with good hair like this n*gga.’” He went on to explain that as his limo was pulling up to whatever event, the actress jumped in “thinking it’s somebody else’s.”

You’ll laugh your way through this entire episode, so let us know who you think the actress was, and check out the clip of this story and the introduction to the R&B Money Podcast below.