If “fighting for my family” was a couple, it would be Ray J and Princess Love. These two have put it all out on the table as far as their marriage is concerned and following numerous public back and forths, they’ve kept the status of their relationship away from the public. Their fans remember just a few years ago when a very pregnant Princess accused her husband of abandoning her in Las Vegas, and what followed were several divorce filings from both parties.

However, with each announcement of their impending divorce, there came news of those filings being taken off the table. Ray J has offered only enigmatic poss about the love he has for his family without giving up too many details, but this Mother’s Day proved the couple found better footing.

It looks as if romance was in the air recently as a few Love & Hip Hop stars gathered together and Instagram received an up-close and personal look at a loved up Ray and Princess moment—thanks to Safaree Samuels. As the couple was holding one another close and doing a bit of dancing, Safaree played cameraman, and apparently the jukebox as well.

In the clip, Safaree can be heard jokingly belting out Ray J‘s 2005 hit “One Wish.” The classic R&B jam was included on the entertainment mogul’s third studio album Raydiation and has been a fan favorite ever since. Not everyone was feeling Safaree’s serenade, but Bobby Lytes gave him a co-signed and joined in.

Check it out below.