This is a debate that has shown face throughout Chris Brown’s career, and it has also been the catalyst for several discussions about influences in music. Although Michael Jackson is hailed internationally as the King of Pop, there are some who believe that Brown is an overall better artist. They have referenced his hits, his dance moves, and his creativity outside of music, but diehard Jackson fans will not budge in giving Breezy more credit than the Thriller icon.

A viral tweet once again reignited those conversations: “Chris Brown is more talented than Michael Jackson… there I said it! Have a great week.”

Michael Jackson
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It didn’t take long for the micro-blogging platform to light up with replies, but once screenshots made their over to Instagram, it only added fuel to the fire. The Neighborhood Talk gained thousands of reactions, including one from R&B veteran Tank who agreed with the sentiment.

“I’ve been the only one saying this and i’ve felt alone for so long,” wrote Tank. “Welcome to the fold! Singer, Dancer, writer, producer, actor, painter, clothing designer, gymnast, ninja, etc!!! [shrug emoji] MJ is the greatest but CB has more gifts is all we’re saying..[praying hands emoji].”

While many fans of Brown were quick to agree with Tank’s take, those on the opposing side of this coin were more concerned with Jackson’s talent and versatility in his catalog and not with any creativity that may have lacked outside of music. Tank received those criticisms and returned with a follow-up.

Chris Brown
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“People don’t read to comprehend they only read to respond. MJ is the greatest of all times!! His musical catalog and abilities will never be matched but as far as overall gifts CB has more. There are plenty of artists who never made it out that have more gifts than all of We’re not arguing greatness we simply counting gifts.”

Check it out below. 

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