It has gone down in history as one of the highest-earning comic book films of all time and Joker remains a favorite. Joaquin Phoenix tackled an iconic character masterfully in the 2019 movie that continues to be discussed in film circles and beyond, and upon its release years ago, fans were already asking about a sequel. Well, according to director Todd Phillips, not only is another Joker film on the horizon, but Phoenix will be reviving his role.

Comic fans are often quite critical of film adaptations, and with each evolving Joker character comes a split reaction from the republic. However, Joaquin Phoenix is a celebrated actor who hasn’t missed a beat throughout his career, and his take on the deranged villain was widely applauded.

His portrayal earned Phoenix a nomination for Best Actor at the Academy Awards and it’s expected that the second look will do the same. Phillips stirred the Joker pot recently when she shared two images on his Instagram: one of the cover to the new Joker screenplay that suggests the film’s name is Joker: Folie à Deux, and another that shows Phoenix digging into the script.

However, that’s about all that we get for now as moviegoers will have to wait for more information regarding the storyline. Many are hoping that crossovers will find their way to this Joker sequel, and considering the success of the first, we expect production to go all out.

Check out Todd Phillips’s post below.