Things are getting heated between J. Prince and Wack 100 and the animosity has only increased following the Rap-a-Lot Records icon’s recent appearance on Million Dollaz Worth of Game. Things went sour for these two after Prince claimed that Wack was trying to capitalize on an opportunity that could have helped Larry Hoover’s case, but Wack returned to defend himself against what he said were untruths.

During his visit to MDWOG, Prince responded by unloading his grievances with Wack, calling him disrespectful. “When I see one trying to shit on Tupac, trying to sh*t on Nipsey, trying to sh*t on the homie Big U out there, trying to sh*t on Master P — good n*ggas, real n*ggas — Meek Mill,” said Prince.

“I see a n*gga get on a podcast with another rat and go off on 21 Savage,” he added of Wack’s chat with Tekashi 6ix9ine. “I’m like, ‘Oh this n*gga got diarrhea of the mouth.’ He like, full of sh*t, right? He the type of n*gga that will take a sh*t in the bed and blame it on the baby. Imagine that. You take a raw sh*t in the bed and say, ‘That’s the baby sh*t.’ This is how he go about trying to change the narrative and different sh*t about the truth.”

Wack 100 is never one to ignore a battle and resurfaced with a screenshot of a legal case involving Prince Jr.

“@jprincerespect when you use the word #Rat you gotta have the paperwork. While your Cappn on my name I think you need to call Pest control on somebody tied to your name ‼️ #SealFiles Naw can’t expunge in 2 yrs takes 5 yrs after ya off paper. This seal means 1 or 2 things . R for Rat or R for a Rape either one clean ya DNA up Partna . #Coward hides behind men but won’t face me ‼️WACK AINT NEVER HAD A CODEFENDANT – [crying laughing emoji] #Bozo”

J. Prince Jr. hopped in the comments with a response.

“I had a gun case and did time for it. What I do tell on myself weirdo lol stop the bullsh*t, your too old for this,” he wrote. Check it out below, including a separate interview where Prince called Wack 100 a “bottom feeder.”