He’s one of the most famous rappers in the world and Eminem still manages to keep a low profile. The Detroit icon rarely makes public appearances, doesn’t show up on award show red carpets, and isn’t clamoring for interviews, but every so often, he surfaces with a social media post or feature that captivates the industry. This time, it arrives courtesy of a new documentary about respected Rap pioneer, The D.O.C.

Complex shared an exclusive look at The DOC documentary and reported that the film is slated to premiere at the Tribeca Festival this week. The feature will highlight the Rap icon’s story, spanning throughout his lengthy career, and in a clip, Eminem praised The D.O.C.’s legacy, impact, and lyricism.

“He was doing things that nobody had done yet, like, just lyrically,” said the emcee just before he revisited D.O.C.’s bars. “I would’ve been down with Rock but I’d be broke / By the punk, I’m openin’ up my trunk / To reveal, death, livin’ it up, my life is like a story / Yellin’ it, ‘cause nobody else is tellin’ it / Checkin’ it, always gettin’ paid ‘cause the rap is sort of a twist.

Those lines were famously included in “Mind Blowin'” from 1989. D.O.C. wasn’t far away from Eminem during filming so when the rapper tried recalling a certain line, D.O.C. was there to fill in the blanks.

On Instagram, The D.O.C. wrote of the film: “West East and South. This is Hip Hop. Gangsta Sh*t is when Real Sh*t can Heal Sh*t. Celebrate with me!!!” Check out the clip below.