All-Time lists can be extremely polarizing for a lot of people. They always lead to some pretty heated debates, and sometimes, lists are full of provocative choices, simply because it will drum up some controversy. This has led to a lot of skepticism whenever these lists are released, especially since there could always be some label money involved.

Recently, Rolling Stone dropped its very own Top 200 hip-hop albums of all-time list and it has already received a ton of flack for its bizarre choices. For instance, Nas does not have a single Top 20 album on the list, all while Cardi B‘s Invasion of Privacy is listed in the 16th position. There are some strange choices here and Rolling Stone is being accused of not knowing hip-hop.

Meek Mill

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

One person who feels like the list is BS is none other than Meek Mill. In fact, he decided to hop on Twitter recently, where he asked a very pertinent question about how this list was put together.

“The 200 Greatest Rap Albums of All Time – Rolling Stone how do y’all determine these list “marketing money” y’all be tripping tryna discredit us… I ain’t been active lately but ain’t no wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy tf,” Meek wrote on Twitter.

Many feel the same way as Meek and we’re sure our readers are a part of that group. With that said, let us know what you thought of Rolling Stone’s list, in the comments below.