Much has been made of Rolling Stone‘s recent Top 200 hip-hop albums of all-time list. There are certainly some incredible albums on this list, however, there are some blaring omissions. Many have noted the inclusion of Cardi B‘s Invasion Of Privacy as the most egregious entry on the list, especially since it is ranked up at number 16. In fact, Meek Mill got in the action, noting that Rolling Stone has no clue what it’s talking about.

“The 200 Greatest Rap Albums of All Time – Rolling Stone how do y’all determine these list “marketing money” y’all be tripping tryna discredit us… I ain’t been active lately but ain’t no wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy tf,” Meek wrote on Twitter.

Now, The Game is also offering his commentary. His album The Documentary is a classic hip-hop album, however, it did not make the list. As a result, The Game wrote on IG that Rolling Stone are culture vultures who have no clue what they are talking about.

The Game

Leon Bennett/Getty Images for BET

“1ST THEY STEAL THE CULTURE, THEN THEY DISRESPECT IT. Y’all brains fried af !!! Some things you just gotta laugh at. They’ll try to erase you if you let em,” The Game wrote. 

The Documentary certainly belongs on a Top 200 list, so to not have it there is definitely an indictment on the validity and credibility of the list. Not to mention, this is a body of work that The Game is passionate about, so you can’t fault him for feeling this way.

Let us know where you think The Documentary belongs on the list, in the comments below.