Hazel-E is never afraid to stand up for herself. The Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star is always defending her looks to people online. Whether they’re talking about her facial features or poking fun at her physique, the 42-year-old television star doesn’t mind clapping back.

That’s exactly what she did today to actor and comedian Lil Duval.

In a video ad posted to Instagram, Hazel, whose real name is Arica Tiffany Adams, showed off a product meant to properly shape one’s body. Wearing nothing but the item and a bra, Hazel stated, “The waist magnet… this two-in-one, waist training butt-lifter. It’s giving me all this extra oomph.”

It didn’t take long for people to start flooding her comments and make fun of how the product transformed her body. However, it was one comment, in particular, that got her extra riled up.

While Lil Duval is a comedian and is known for cracking jokes at other people’s expense, Hazel wasn’t here for his negative comments. Duval, born Roland Powell, wrote, “It’s y’all fault tho [three laughing emojis] y’all created this.”

Johnny Louis/Getty Images

Hazel saw his remark and felt the need to make a comment of her own. She responded, “Listen here you midget mike, your obsession over me for the last 8 years is weird. Ya mama already told you to cut it out & she’s a fan too. Bye.”

Media outlet, Hollywood Unlocked, shared the two’s encounter, which prompted Duval to say one more thing. He added, “I knew I shouldn’t have said something. SMH now I got her thinking I care.”