February 21, 2024

Looks Like the ‘Joker’ Sequel Will Be A Musical That Will Also Star Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn



Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Joker: Folie à deux, the sequel to 2019 film Joker will reportedly be a musical with Lady Gaga in talks to star opposite Joaquin Phoenix.

Joker is back with a song and dance. With Lady Gaga in talks to star opposite Joaquin Phoenix, forthcoming sequel Joker: Folie à deux will reportedly be a musical according to The Hollywood Reporter. Gaga will star as Joker love interest Harley Quinn.

Earning Phoenix an Academy Award for Best Actor in 2020, the first installment of the movie series became a $1 billion-dollar hit for Warner Bros. Pictures. After co-writing the sequel’s script with Scott Silver, last month, director Todd Phillips teased the film’s title Folie à deux, which, according to THR references “a medical term for an identical or similar mental disorder that affects two or more individuals, usually members of the same family.”

Phillips has worked with Lady Gaga previously, producing 2018 film A Star Is Born, which actor Bradley Cooper starred in and also co-produced. Performed by Lady Gaga and Cooper, “Shallow” from A Star Is Born won an Oscar for Best Original Song during the 2019 Academy Awards.

Although Gaga has yet to close the deal with Warner Bros. Pictures, she’s reportedly in talks to play Harley Quinn, Joker’s psychiatrist at the mental institution Arkham Asylum. In the meantime, Phoenix is set to star in Ari Aster-directed comedy-horror film Disappointment Blvd., due to release this year, while currently filming historical drama Napoleon  set to release in 2023.

Released in October 2019, Joker was budgeted at $60 million and has since made history as No. 4 highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time.

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