June 23, 2024

DJ Akademiks Explains Comments About Sex With Minors, Says He Meant In College


He’s usually the one who puts public figures in the hot seat by sharing information that has caused controversy, but DJ Akademiks is finding himself on the receiving end of backlash. The podcast host and Instagram blogger has been a trending topic today (June 15) after a resurfaced video showed him speaking about having sex with underage girls, and the comments have resulted in Akademiks being labeled as a pedophile, such as Jay Critch did when he tweeted his disgust.

“And to keep it real if you think about it in the bigger scheme of things, there’s not much difference between a 20 or a 17 or a 21 and a 17,” Akademiks said. “Just kinda means one’s a minor and one’s not a minor. But listen, I will say I adopted this rule which I think is fine. I said, listen, as long as a chick got a college ID she’s getting f*cked. I don’t care if she 17, I don’t care if she 17 and a half, I don’t care if she just turned 17, she gon’ get this d*ck.”

The clip swiftly circulated online and it didn’t take Akademiks but a few hours to return with an explanation.

 “What I was trying to say is that, either you’re 21 or 20, right? And someone’s like, 17, this Is only the college dynamic, right? Because they put four years of kids together, just like they do in high school. I said, usually there’s not much of a difference, like, when you’re in college, you don’t really see the difference and I still believe that.”

He said that there are certainly people in college who act like kids, and that’s “clearly” not who he’s speaking about. Akademiks then reiterated his controversial statement and doubled down on it, saying he still believes that. However, “that’s on a college-level” he claimed, also speaking about not asking girls their ages when you’re in college or high school.

“As long as they go to your school, bro, you do not ask,” he said repeatedly. “It’s not that you want anybody underage, you just assume. So, that’s what I’m sayin’—if it ends up being that, it’s like, yeah that’s not what you wanted to do type [of] sh*t, but it’s like, I don’t look at it as in a somebody deliberately looking for kids.”

Contextually, DJ Akademiks also added that his comments were pulled from a video he did eight years ago about Tyga, who was 24, dating 17-year-old Kylie Jenner. This explanation seems to have only further intensified the pushback.

Check it all out below.

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