Over the years, Drake has cemented himself as one of the biggest hitmakers in not just hip-hop history, but music history as a whole. The man cannot stop cranking out the chart-topping songs, and even in 2022, this rings true. Recently, a new Drake snippet leaked online, and it had fans very intrigued for what’s to come. Needless to say, that song too, will probably be a hit once if and when it gets an official release.

Now, however, Drake has his eyes set on a brand new project that most fans probably weren’t expecting. As it turns out, Drake is taking a page out of The Weeknd and Lil Wayne‘s book as he is starting his very own radio show that will be played on Sirius XM Radio.


Amy Sussman/Getty Images

As Drake explained in the Instagram post below, the show’s name will be “Table For One” and the very first episode is going down tonight on Sound 42. For those who are hoping to tune in, you will be able to do so at 11 PM EST. It promises to be a very interesting listen, although for now, there isn’t a whole lot of information to go off of.

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