The influence that Houston has had on Hip Hop Is well-documented and artists from the area continue to thrive in the industry. From DJ Screw to Paul Wall to UGK to Don Toliver to Beyoncé, H-Town has been dominating in all of Hip Hop’s subgenres. Lil Flip is a proud native who praises his Houston peers for their successes, and in a recent interview with VladTV, he spoke about which artists he believes are the Top 3 out of the city.

He was asked about his thoughts on Megan receiving her own day in Houston. Flip was happy for the rising star for always representing her hometown to the fullest. 

“I think it’s great! I mean, she did a whole bunch of sh*t for the city and do, you know. Well-deserved. She’s won Grammys and stuff like that so, yes, salute to Megan. That’s a great thing.” He then agreed that she’s the biggest female rapper out of Houston. 

“Not the biggest artist. The biggest artist out of Houston is Beyoncé,” Flip clarified. “Then it’s Flip, but Travis Scott, he’s selling a sh*tload of records and they count streams now as sales, you know what I mean? But it’s like a different measuring stick but he on the way up there… I’ve sold millions of records worldwide. And a lot of places don’t have Soundscan so even some of my mixtapes, I’ve sold millions of.”

“Everybody don’t have Soundscan so it might not show up in the numbers, but it was plenty mom and pop stores that was ordering 20, 30 thousand copies of The Leprechaun every two months, and we just cashin’ out. That’s why Texas, we hustlers. Independent. We gon’ get it on our own. Definitely.”

Check out Lil Flip below.