It’s only been one day since Canadian sensation, Drake, dropped his surprise album, Honestly, Nevermind. During that period, thousands of listeners have forged an opinion on the dance themed-project, and they aren’t fond of the artist’s newest body of work. As everyone has the album on replay in an attempt to see if they like it, one person, in particular, has already made up their mind.

An artist, who goes by the name of Rye Rye, took to Twitter to express that her voice was featured on the project’s fourth track, “Currents.” In excitement, she tweeted, “I ain’t been able to hold my sh*t together all morning knowing that I’m sampled on @Drake “Currents” song.” She’s referring to the word “What” being used in the background of the two-minute record.

While she wasn’t listed as a feature, she’s overjoyed to know that Drake sought her to be fit enough for his song. Rye Rye added, “Let’s be clear I ain’t get my credit on that Drake record yet but my team is definitely working on it but I’m still gonna celebrate my legendary a** on a @Drake record.”

Though she maintained a positive spirit about the entire ordeal, Rye Rye did express her frustrations. She posted, “Knowing that Gordo (Drake’s producer) grew up in [MD] and acknowledged/shedded light to our culture but didn’t credit the Baltimore artists from the Baltimore track he sampled from a major album is kinda even more disappointing.”

She continued her Twitter rant by admitting that she knows it’s not Drake’s fault and is working on getting the issue handled.