It was a series of unfortunate events for one concert promoter over the weekend. Fredo Bang took to his Instagram Story where he issued an apology to fans who expected to see him perform live in Dayton, Ohio. He explained that he wasn’t able to do the show because the concert promoter was robbed of the money that was meant for Fredo’s performance.

“I apologize if you came to my show tonight. Promoter said he got robbed so he can’t pay me,” he said of the canceled show. “I’m sorry. Blessings.”

In a follow-up video, he elaborated even further and provided an update. “This is the first time a promoter told me he got robbed. I damn near still wanted to do the show for him on some shit,” he added before revealing that the promoter is actually mad at him for not performing. Fredo suggested that the promoter redirect that energy to the people who robbed him of his money.

Bang later shared footage from the promoter’s Instagram Live where he was cussing out the rapper, claiming that he already paid him $20K. 

Fredo Bang’s had a busy year already. He came through with his latest project, Two-Face Bang 2as well as the deluxe edition of the project. We’ll keep you posted on anymore updates surrounding new releases from the Baton Rouge rapper.