Feathers have been ruffled in the ongoing discussion regarding Russell Wilson and Ciara. Former NFL star turned podcast host Channing Crowder recently doubled down on his comments about Wilson being a “square” because of how the superstar quarterback presents himself. Crowder also drew comparisons to Ciara’s ex Future, who is also the father of her eldest child, suggesting that it would be impossible for a woman to move on from the rapper to a man like Wilson.

Crowder faced an onslaught of backlash but stood ten toes down on his statements, and now, Claudia Jordan is adding her two cents. “Russell Wilson to me is a throwback to how Black men used to carry themselves before we got ratchet,” she said. “Before we started praising the lowest of the low. Before we started like, thinking it was cool to be dumb and ignorant and purposefully misspeaking, misspelling, sounding ignorant and dumb.”

Russell Wilson, Ciara
Theo Wargo / Staff / Getty Images

“Before we started praising the lowest of the low. It reeks of low self-esteem as a culture,” she continued. “To say, ‘Oh, this is Black if you’re ignorant.’ But when you’re not, we equate that with being white? So, we’re gonna give that to the white man? Like they have the exclusivity rights on intelligence and class?… You ain’t Black enough ’cause you use proper English?”

Jordan questioned why this is permeating the culture only for Black men to “want to be referred to as a king.” She referenced Wilson once again, saying he’s acting like a king and treating Ciara like a queen, but admonished those who “want to take his Black card from him because he’s not actin’ up, wilin’ out.”

Future, Ciara
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“Stop doing this to other Black people. Stop making Black people feel guilty for being classy and intelligent, and carrying themselves in a way that we should all be trying to aspire to be.” She also mentioned the “hate” Ciara receives from “Future F boys” who deep down know that their “girl deserves better.”

“We need to stop embracing that.” This one has definitely caused a divide. Watch Claudia Jordan’s clip below.