June 23, 2024

Erica Mena Brutally Slanders Alleged “Prostitute” Who’s Talking To One Of Her Baby Daddys


Erica Mena found herself in the midst of some nasty social media beef today when a woman named Kimbella Mantos responded to the reality star’s public rant about her beef with one of her two baby daddies. “Talking crazy about your baby mother to your prostitute but you don’t even know your kid sizes is a weird flex,” the 34-year-old tweeted and later reposted on her IG Story.

“Be Safe Tho,” she added, also writing, “You gotta be real stupid to let your BS get back to me. I will air you out and bury you,” on top for good measure.

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After coming across Mena’s threatening post, Mantos felt that the shoe fit and decided to wear it, uploading a rant of her own to her feed. “It’s so funny how I never mention your stupid uneducated ass in a good or bad way because we are both grown and on two different levels mentally, but money couldn’t buy you a new p*ssy, could it?”

“Keep my name out your mouth. For someone who’s consistently calling other women prostitutes, meanwhile, you have slept with the whole industry for free and dogged out and was recently selling your own p*ssy to a whole soccer player in New York City and you wanna discuss about prostitution?”

Mantos’ rant ended with, “You’re so silly, you stupid bitch this will be the last time that I would ever give you attention. You’re worthless and pointless and clearly, it’s obvious because your marriage didn’t last a second. Jealousy is a serious disease, kisses. Get well soon hun.” She also directly tagged Mena, suggesting that the reality star do the same to her next time.

The mother of three’s response was just as vicious. “I am so uneducated on you but here you are thinking you’re so educated on me. How is it that you know so much about my whereabouts Kim Bolla? Stalking me must get exhausting, especially since I actually work and don’t have to bed to get my bills paid for.”

“Yeah, Safaree says that about you too,” she added, making it clear which of her co-parents she was dissing. “Here’s some grown woman advice – if he’s talking shit about his baby mama, can you imagine what he says to her about you? SMH worried about my cat? Don’t forget how many times you’ve tasted it.”

Mena then clarified that the reason her marriage didn’t work is that she didn’t want to “stay with a man who has a bad sex addiction.” 

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“Enjoy his sick in the head shit,” she told Mantos. “You’re full of shit and that’s how he likes apparently. If you wanna talk about what money can’t buy – for you it’s your own identity. You will always be known as the Walmart botched body Erica Mena.”

She wrapped up her decimation with, “Best wishes to you because Safaree is going to have a field day with f*cking up your head. You [already] extremely insecure so you might want to start getting therapy now.”

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