September 22, 2023

Bill Cosby Found Guilty of Sexually Assaulting Minor In 1975


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A civil jury ruled in favor of Judy Huth, who accused Bill Cosby of sexual assaulting her at the Playboy Mansion in 1975 when she was a teen.

Judy Huth has won her civil trial against Bill Cosby. On Tuesday (June 21), Huth was awarded $500,000 in damages, with the 12-person civil jury ruling in her favor after she accused Cosby of sexually assaulting her at the Playboy Mansion in 1975 when Huth was 16-years-old. According to Deadline, while Cosby’s legal team was present at the time of the ruling, the comedian was not.

Now 64-years-old, Huth alleged in the 2014 lawsuit that she and a friend first met Cosby in 1975 while at San Marino Park in Los Angeles, with Huth watching a movie being filmed in the park. After Cosby and the two teen girls became acquainted, Cosby invited them to a tennis club the following weekend, where the Huth and her friend played billiards and were served “alcoholic beverages.”

After having multiple drinks, Cosby allegedly said he had a “surprise” for the teen girls at the Playboy Mansion, telling the girls to say they were 19-years-old if anyone at the Holmby Hills estate asked. According to Huth, she told Cosby she needed to use the bathroom, to which he directed her to an adjoining bathroom near a bedroom suite in the mansion. When Huth exited the bathroom, she encountered Cosby sitting on the bed and claims that he asked her to sit down and proceeded to molest her.

Following the trial at the Santa Monica courthouse, Huth spoke to CNN about the verdict. “I was elated,” she said. “It has been so many years, so many tears.”

Cosby’s spokesperson Andrew Wyatt insisted that the verdict wasn’t a loss to Cosby. “What happened today wasn’t a victory, because they didn’t get the punitive damages,” he said.

The ruling comes one year after Cosby was released from prison after his conviction was overturned in his criminal case against Andrea Constand.

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