June 21, 2024

French Montana Breaks Down His Role In Drake & Diddy Squashing Their Beef


This New Music Friday, French Montana’s Montega is just one of the many new arrivals to hit streamers. In celebration of his project’s arrival, the Morrocan-born rapper headed to New York City for an interview on The Breakfast Club, where he opened up about everything from his role in the squashing of Drake and Diddy‘s beef to his recent comments on “the Kardashian curse.”

On the opening track, “Blue Chills,” the 37-year-old raps, “Drake and Puff back after that little beef,” prompting some of the hosts to ask him to elaborate further. “I think it was something going on, I didn’t really know the exact details of it,” he began.

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“But I know I had a birthday party that Iggy Azalea threw for me on a boat, and when I got there, Drake was there waiting for me,” adding that Sean Combs had shown up on a “little boat” of his own. “That was the first time they met after they was going through they beef.”

The drama in question could stem from DJ Khaled‘s birthday party in 2014 when Drizzy and Diddy allegedly got in a fight with Puff later accusing the Canadian of “stealing” the beat for his hit “0-100” track; Complex notes that this was resolved during a 2015 phone call.

However, tensions are said to have bubbled up again when the father of one delivered “4PM In Calabasas,” which some thought was a diss aimed at the 52-year-old and Joe Budden. As of 2016, things seemed to have been patched up though, as Diddy accepted a VMA on behalf of the 6ix God.

French Montana revealed that at the aforementioned party, he told Combs that he and Drake “[needed] to dead” whatever was going on between them seeing as they’re both dear friends to him.

“I’m glad they didn’t even know each other was coming to the party. When they came, they just spent the whole night talking to each other… I didn’t tell Drake Puff was gonna be there, and I didn’t tell Puff Drake was gonna be there… They was good friends before that, so when they got there they just spoke the whole night. And I’m like, ‘You see? Y’all was best friends to start with.”

Elsewhere in his sit-down, Montana addressed the bars he spit about the “Kardashian curse,” revealing he doesn’t believe it’s real. “That’s why I’m still doing my thing. I think that’s what I’m doing in the song,” he clarified.

“Shout out to them, I just feel like when you go out with them or have a relationship with them, with anybody at their calibre, I feel like the media start picking up on your relationship life and forget about your, you know, your talent life.”

Check out French Montana’s full episode of The Breakfast Club below, and stream his new album, Montega, here.


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