Southside has accomplished a lot of things throughout his career, from producing, writing, and rapping on some of the biggest songs in recent years to funding over 10 BBLs, as he admitted during a recent interview.

During the sitdown, an interviewer asked the 33-year-old if he would consider himself a BBL expert to which he said, “So, what does BBL mean?”

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“The Brazillian butt lift! Fake ass,” others explained. “Expert? No,” Southside declared. “Funder? Yes,” he added, causing the others in the room to erupt in laughter.

When asked how many BBLs he thinks he’s paid for over the years, the multihyphenate pondered for a moment then said, “ten for sure,” also revealing that he’s paid for two breast augmentations for the same woman as well.

“I done got some girls t*tties did twice,” he told listeners. “I done got a girl’s t*tties did, got ’em big, and it was too big for her. Got ’em did again, got ’em small.” 

“You ever build-a-bear and she disappears on you?” a host asked Southside. “I call myself Bob the Builder,” he joked in response.

In other news, earlier this month the “Hold That Heat” hitmaker revealed that the secret to he and Yung Miami developing a healthy co-parenting relationship has been not having sex.

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“Cannot have sex with your baby mommas. You can’t have (I got a girlfriend too), so you can’t have sex with your baby mommas with a girlfriend,” he shared – read what else Southside had to say here, and tap back in with HNHH later for more pop culture news updates.