There was a point in time with Sha’Carri Richardson was a media darling, but once she failed a drug test just ahead of the Olympics, she found that many turned on her without hesitation. The track star still has a rising sports career that has catapulted her into new spaces and heights, but she still finds herself battling against controversial headlines that are often sensationalized to make her situations look worse than they are.

The 22-year-old met face to face with a swarm of press after leaving a mixed zone interview that came on the heels of Richardson failing to qualify for the 200-meter final. This would mean she wouldn’t have a chance at the USA Track and Field Outdoor Championships. Although she didn’t take any interviews, she did make a statement about the need for reporters and media to be more respectful to athletes.

“I’m coming to speak, not just on my behalf but on all athletes’ behalves, that when you guys do interviews, y’all should respect athletes more,” Richardson said. “Y’all should understand whether they’re coming from winning, whether they’re losing, whatever the case may be. Athletes deserve way more respect than when y’all just come and throw cameras into their faces.

“Understand how an athlete operates and then ask your questions. Then be more understanding of the fact that they are still human, no matter just to the fact that y’all are just trying to put something out in an article to make a dollar. Thank you.”

After someone posted a clip of the message to Twitter, Richardson returned to say she planned on launching her own platform “so fans can really connect and learn the sport, as well as the athletes and the stories & questions put out is what the world actually want to know and it’s real, not sold for a dollar.”

Check out the video and Sha’Carri Richardson’s tweets below.