All it takes is a few clicks of the internet to find photos of Lizzo, showing the singer putting her body on display. Like millions of other social media users, Lizzo uses her platforms not only to have fun with challenges but to show off her curves in all of their glory. The body acceptance icon has long talked about her full figure while denouncing those that often attack her in comment sections, and it seems it isn’t just strangers who have taken issue.

The “About Damn Time” hitmaker recently received her turn on Carpool Karaoke, and while she cruised around singing her favorite hits, Lizzo admitted that several members of her uber-religious family aren’t fans of all of her career choices.

“For the first ten years of my life, when we lived in Detroit, I was in The Church of God in Christ. When you have that faith, there’s like—it is strict with the kind of music you listen to. We didn’t listen to secular music, it was devil music,” the singer told host James Corden. He asked if she thought she would have been allowed to listen to her own music during that time.

“Early on Lizzo, yes…when Lizzo started cussing, no. I’ve pissed a few family members off.” However, it wasn’t just about the swear words. “I don’t know if it’s just that. It might be the ass, the nudity, a little bit. Like, my cousin Pookie gets mad at me all the time. He’ll call my mom and be like, ‘Hey, tell Melissa to put some clothes on.’”

“And then I double down and post more nudes the next day.” Watch more of Lizzo on Carpool Karaoke below as she talks about her career, playing the flute, and explains why Beyoncé is her “North Star.”