The recent news regarding the Supreme Court overturning Roe vs. Wade has caused an uproar from one side of the U.S. to the other. Marches and protests are erupting as conversations about abortions run rampant on social media, and we’re seeing entertainers from all industries voice their opinions. Actress Kimberly Elise recently took to Instagram to share her delight with the news, while Halsey reportedly led a pro-choice chant during one of their recent live shows.

It was reported by NME that Halsey took to the stage to share their thoughts, causing many of the 20,000-ish fans in attendance to walk out.

“This has been happening for a very long f*cking time,” Halsey reportedly said during the show. “I know that we want to sit at home and we want to wait for some revolutionary to come along, to make a difference, but no one is f*cking coming. Nobody is f*cking coming. It is up to every single one of you, myself, every single person in this building to do our f*cking part to protect bodily autonomy and bodily integrity. To protect medical privacy.”

The news of fans leaving the concert went viral, especially after several who were at the show began sharing their experiences online. Halsey returned with a message for those who didn’t agree with her stance.

“Downside of doing outdoor venues: no door to hit them on the way out [waving hand emoji,” Halsey later tweeted. “The ‘people pay to see you sing not hear your views’ argument is so dumb. No, you paid to see me use a stage as a form of expression in the manner that I choose. Sorry you lack the critical thinking to realize that the rhetorical power of music doesn’t always serve your escapism.”

That wasn’t all. Check out more from Halsey below.