Brittany Renner is certainly no submissive woman. Earlier this year, she went off on the hosts of Fresh & Fit when they tried to belittle her on DJ Akademik’s Off The Record Podcast. More recently, she firmly shut down Lil Reese when he tried to slide into her DM’s.

Renner claims that she knows why men might like submissive women, however. In a recent video posted to Instagram, she discussed the topic, and why she “will never be a submissive woman.”

“It’s painfully obvious why men love the idea of a submissive woman,” said Renner in her video. She began by dissecting the word’s etymology. “Submissive, per its definition, is ‘ready to conform to the authority or will of others,'” she said. “The prefix ‘sub-‘ means under. Think of subpar, submarine. In short, your world is under his.”

“Now there seems to be a theme here. Good girls versus bad girls,” Renner continued. “A lock that can be opened with many keys is a broken lock, and if you ‘can’t submit to the man, you’re going to die alone.'” She also addressed the opposite sex. “So my question to men is: Do you want Perfect Polly? A Puppet? A Prisoner? Or a partner who has no problem overtly challenging you?”

Renner was sure to note that this doesn’t mean men and women have to have an adversarial relationship. “King treatment, and knowing your partner’s love languages- that’s one thing,” she said. “Being submissive is a whole other thing. It’s its own thing. So if you find yourself abandoning your wants, needs, desires to make something work, I’m here to tell you, it was never a match to begin with.”

Watch Renner’s video below. What do you think of her advice? Is she on to something?