May 18, 2024

Ever Wanted A Nintendo Switch That Doubled As An MPC? Well, It’s Possible


Nintendo Switch

Photo Credit: Nintendo

In new 3D images, designers at Australian company Alquemy have reimagined the Nintendo Switch as a MPC-styled production device.

The Nintendo Switch is taking child’s play to a new level. Australian-based design company Alquemy created a model for the gaming device, transforming it into a music production controller.

“When the kids head off to bed, flip their Switch into a fully functioning MPC, sample some records, and bang out some beats,” reads the company’s Instagram post from last year, when the design was submitted for the Nintendo Switch Concept Competition.

With the console being a tablet, the device is a hybrid console, with the ability to be docked as a home console or used as a portable device.

Inspired by popular MIDI controller Akai Pro MPC, which released in 2020, the Switch’s standard Joycons can be replaced with music production snap-on modules, each having nine pads, and control knobs and hotkeys for music editing and playback.

Also including WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth, USB-C power and a 3.5mm port for headphones, Yanko Design reports that MIDI and RC ports will be placed at the top of the device. This will allow functionality for connection to other instruments, microphones and additional music accessories.

An intersection between gaming and music, the modular controllers turns the device into an instant deejaying station, complete with support for SD cards for storing files, loops and other effects. With crossover appeal, the MPC-styled Nintendo Switch would be a fan-favorite of producers and those interested in music creation.

In short — we would love to see a company try and make this.

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