Joshua Christian, the man suspected of stalking Taylor Swift outside of her building in New York City last month, has been arrested. The NYPD says the man threatened to do harm to the singer, according to TMZ.

Christian had shown up at Swift’s Manhattan home around 10:47 AM on June 12 where he had buzzed her apartment number and threatened to hurt her if she wouldn’t be with him. TMZ reports that conflicting sources say the man only was able to get through to the building’s security, who called the police.

Taylor Swift
Emma McIntyre / Getty Images

A prosecutor at his arraignment on Saturday claimed that Christian “has not only repeatedly shown up to Ms. Swift’s home here in New York but has traveled to her home in Tennessee as well.”

The New York Post spoke with Christian’s Brooklyn neighbor, nursing student Andrea Means, who said that he creeped her out.

“He would say, ‘Hi,’ to my daughter, and he would be bugging out,” Means told the outlet. “He would see my daughter and say, ‘Oh, she is so beautiful.’ That creeped me out a bit.”

“He wasn’t scary but I haven’t seen him in a while,” she added.

At Saturday’s arraignment, Christian reportedly claimed to be a “Christian scientist” and remarked, “This is the worst miscarriage of justice since the crucifixion of Christ Jesus.”

“I am representing myself,” he added.

Christian is scheduled to appear again in court on August 15.