Klay Thompson made his return to the court this season and what a return it was as the Golden State Warriors found themselves with yet another championship. That makes it four championships in the span of eight seasons for the Warriors and there is no doubt that they are one of the most impressive dynasties of all time.

This was the dynasty’s first title in San Francisco as the previous three had been in Oakland. Having said that, the championship parade was a whole lot of fun as the entire city was jumping for joy.

Klay Thompson

Michael Urakami/Getty Images

When it comes to Thompson, he was on one that day as he lost his championship ring, lost his hat at sea, and he even ran a woman over while making his way through the crowd. On Andre Iguodala’s Point Forward podcast, Thompson explained his antics from that day and what was going through his head during the commotion. 

“I tried to do a little hop, skip and a jump, and my vert ain’t as high as it used to be a few years ago, so I went stumbling, man,” Thompson said. “But I was just grateful she was there. She really threw me the best assist I’ve had in weeks. I was going down.”

If the Warriors get another championship parade, we’re sure we can expect some of these same antics again. If you’re a Warriors fan, you can’t help but pray that it happens.