Wendy Williams‘ daytime television show has suffered a lot over the past few months. From getting a new host, Sherri Shepherd, to being canceled altogether, the hit series is slowly becoming a memory to its thousands of beloved fans. While it’s been a while since Wendy has sat in the purple chair at the studio, fans have still been able to watch her old material on social media– until now.

Earlier this week, it was reported that the 57-year-old’s YouTube channel, which was associated with her show, had been taken down. This meant that all of the content gathered throughout the past 13 seasons had been erased without a trace. 

While this put a damper on thousands of her fans, the disappearance of Wendy’s show hasn’t stopped there. Now, not only has she lost the show’s YouTube account with hundreds of subscribers, but the Instagram page is also a thing of the past. The Shade Room posted a screen recording of them attempting to press “@wendyshow” on Sherri Shepherd’s farewell post.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Upon clicking the username, they were directed to a blank page that stated “No Posts Yet” in the middle and “User not found” across the bottom. The post, which has garnered over 16,000 likes, has been filled with comments from angry fans. 

One person wrote, “[They’re] trying to erase her off the planet? Wow.” Another added, “[They’re] moving quick af as if she is not a legend. Why not keep it up for fans to go back and look at the memories! Wendy [had] her ways, but give her her flowers.”

There is no explanation as to why her pages are vanishing into thin air, but her fans aren’t having it.