Jake Paul is perhaps the most relevant boxer in the world right now, which for many, is a very scary thought. Either way, Paul is making big waves, and on August 6th, he will be looking to defeat the likes of Hasim Rahman Jr. at Madison Square Garden. It is definitely going to be an interesting matchup, and there is no doubt that Paul will be tested like never before.

While Jake needs to focus on this next fight, it seems like he already has his sights set on his next bout. While speaking to TMZ Sports, Paul even revealed that a certain UFC legend is currently on his wishlist.

Jake Paul

Sarah Stier/Getty Images

“I think Nate Diaz is first and foremost,” Paul said. “That’s the one that everyone’s been wanting. Everyone knows he only has one or two fights left with the UFC. So, hopefully, when he’s done with that, we can run it back because there’s some unsettled s**t talk there.”

Paul went on to say that he would love to box Anderson Silva, who has been quite good in his few boxing matches. Unfortunately, Silva is currently signed to Triller, which means Paul will be unable to fight him for some time.

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