For years, Keeping Up With the Kardashians gave viewers an inside look into the lives of one of the most famous families in the industry. Lasting 20 seasons, the series caught dozens of fights, arguments, and hilarious moments all on film. To this day, some of the clips are still circulating online and being used as memes.

One of the most iconic moments from the show had to do with Kim and some jewelry items. In episode 11 of season six, the family took a trip to Bora Bora. While her family member soaked up the Sun and enjoyed each other’s company, Kim was busy getting tossed into the ocean by her former partner, Kris Humphries. Though he didn’t mean any harm, when Kim came up from under the water, something was missing.

Once she noticed what happened, she began shouting, “My earring is gone! F*ck. Oh my God, I’m going to cry. My diamond earring.” Unamused by her sister’s reaction, Kourtney scolded her, “Kim, there are people that are dying.”

Years later, the family is still poking fun at their sister because of how upset she was. Earlier today, Khloe posted a picture of the two of them wearing bikinis and standing in clear blue water. Her caption read, “We are still looking for that d*mn diamond.”

In recent news regarding Khloe’s IG feed, hours ago she posted, and quickly deleted, a picture of flowers Tristan Thompson had gotten for her as a gift. It didn’t take long for social media users to catch it, though, and they wasted no time in judging her for her decisions.